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Our Promise

MetraWeather is your source of powerful weather intelligence

MetraWeather stands for a clear promise: to give businesses a competitive edge through world-leading delivery of powerful weather intelligence.

Backed by the meteorological expertise, technical innovation and operational excellence of New Zealand's MetService, MetraWeather knows weather like no-one else - and our purpose is to create ways to help you turn this knowledge into better business decisions and great commercial outcomes.

Weather Intelligence

Our world-leading weather forecasting service puts weather into context and helps organisations confidently leverage positive weather events, mitigate the risks and alleviate losses using science-based insights and data.

MetraWeather can assist with:

  • High-level analysis of historical sales data and correlation to weather data to better forecast customer demand for specific product categories
  • Research on weather-correlated thresholds and parameters that will trigger dashboard alerts and predictive guidance
  • Establish the best mix of customised forecasts for companywide decision making to maximise profits, increase efficiencies, reduce waste, increase stock availability and improve customer satisfaction
  • Guidance on integrating forecasts in retail, distribution and marketing dashboards to guide decisions on weather-related opportunities and risks

Advisory Services

Recent demand forecast analysis by a leading UK supermarket and customer of MetraWeather showed that, for those products where sales were affected by weather, lost sales could be reduced by 6% and wastage by 1%, leading to a reduction in costs of around 2%.

MetraWeather provides integrated weather forecasts as a result of the analysis undertaken and also supports retailers including, Tesco, Morrisons, The Co-operative, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and ASDA, along with suppliers and manufacturers including Dyson.

MetraWeather Advisory services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Correlation studies and demand forecasts
  • Operational thresholds alerts via SMS, email and portal alerts
  • Purpose-built, online information portals
  • Weather training workshops
  • Data integration


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